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From our Representative

Mika Kobayashi, Representative, IKUSEIKYOKAI
Labor and Social Security Attorney

Welcome to our website!

IKUSEIKYOKAI was originally founded in 1977. Since then, our Labor and Social Security Attorneys have been supporting over 3,000 businesses in Tokyo as a HR/Personnel Management consulting firm. We serve as a counterpart of Japanese governmental systems and as a consultant for your Labor and Personnel Management tasks that require preciseness and country-focused expertise with accumulated experience.

To accomplish our mission, we believe a long lasting reliable relationship comes first. Every advice, suggestion, and decision of ours is based on this belief and many clients are with us for over some decades. This proves healthy and fruitful relationships with many of our clients for decades. We are always open to help you integrate into our system, so that you can enjoy the best Japan has to offer to entrepreneurs like you.

My motto;
(If one learns without thinking, one will be lost in his learning. That is, if one does not think about what one learns, he will not arrive at the truth of it. - By Confucius)

Our credo

”Our professional service will relieve you from Japanese complexed HR/personnel management transactions and compliances so you can stay focused on your business.”

Our mission

Our mission is to help your business streamline in the best way to fit the Japanese local standards and legal requirements.

We take pride and passion in assisting you with professional advice in labor management areas and avoid labor disputes and solve your labor issues with satisfactory results.

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